Just Sit There [yes even at our jobs]!

Don’t just do something, sit there. Bumper Sticker

do something

That we must be doing something, constantly, is firmly ingrained in our collective consciousness. And not just that, we’re to feel guilty if we don’t do what’s expected of us or what we expect of self. And because of this epidemic we suffer. This is especially true at work. At work we often do things just because… Is that a good idea?


As previously introduced be~zen~do aptly describes the antidote to this pervasive societal illness. Let’s learn to just be. Let’s inhabit the current moment firmly and completely. Let’s breathe deeply and not for a moment think what needs to be done or what we ought to be worrying about. When we do that often, peace results. Our health blossoms and we’re made ready to receive divine inspiration. So it’s certainly worth a try!

Daily Affirmation: Today I AM OK with just being.

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