Blog Raison D’Etre

How can we change our organizations? How can employees and managers provide the most value to their employer? We must start with self, the individual. From there one can move to group dynamics and change methodologies that are applicable to groups.

This blog focuses on providing business advice to individuals and organizations who want to be more effective. More effective in the work they do, how they do it and the business/individual results that work produces.

However it’s one thing to want to change it’s quite another to actually effect that change, especially in self! But we must begin with the self.

Our whole being must be involved if we mean to change. Mind, body and soul. I call it be~zen~do.We must actualize in mind and soul that which we want to be and only then will we ready to ‘do’ it lastingly. Applying Zen principles to the process, as in ‘Be Here Now’, makes a huge difference. ‘Be’ something first, be present, be mindful and then attempt to cement that idea in by doing it.

  • Be: Through reflection and other practices like journaling, meditation, affirmations and visualization figure out what we want to achieve. Create a vision of the end state.

  • Zen: Use mindfulness to our advantage as we pursue a change goal. Increasing awareness of self and our motivations is the key here…

  • Do: Apply appropriate techniques to cement habits and allow the change process to occur naturally and with great success!